First Impression

First Impression
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Occasionally, there may be instances where one revises his opinion of another in the light of his further dealings or associations. But generally the first impression sticks. More often than we unconsciously take a like and dislike towards an individual even at first sight. It then becomes difficult to change that impression.

People are conservative by nature. They are averse to change, especially their mental conclusions. Therefore, one needs a lot of persuasion and proof before he can be motivated to change his first impression.

Hence the first impression we create should be favorable one. Once we have initially created a good impression, it will be easy for us to strengthen in future. This first impression will persist for sometimes, even if we suffer some setbacks subsequently.

It is equally important that the first impression that we make is true and reflects us sincerely. One just cannot put on an act for the occasion. One cannot deceive people. No matter how clever one might be, one cannot hide one’s true self, especially from oneself.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we should be natural, be ourselves in order to make a good impression on others and subsequently make it last. It means that one’s true self really be an attractive self.

This is what we must aim at and build on. It is not the making of particular impression, at a particular time, that is going to count. Ultimately it is the lasting effect that will prove to be vital. We should, therefore, attend to the overall face-lift of our personality. It should acquire a lively, attractive, dynamic and favorable influence on those with whom we come into contact.

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