Check your Personality

Check your Personality
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The impression that an individual makes on other people is critical and most important from the point of view of his subsequent dealings with them. The major part of human behavior is closely bound up with other people. We are concerned as to what other people think about us and what we want to them. Since we live in society among other people and not in isolation we want things from others. In the words of thinker.

“A Businessman wants business from other people. A Husband and Wife want love and affection from each other. A Parent wants obedience. A Child wants security and love. A salesman wants other people to sign their names on a dotted line. A boss wants loyalty, production and co-operation. An employee wants recognition”

Thus others play a dominant part in our lives, and they can do a great deal to provide the happiness and success we aspire for. Therefore, it is essential that we must do all within out power to create a good impression upon other people; we come into contact with and thereby secure the response we desire.

In this context, the first impression, which an individual makes upon another, assumes great significance.

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